Instruction Sheet: 3461-11
3461, 3469
Lumber Car
& Dump Car

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3461 Lumber Car ~ ~
3469 Dump Car ~ ~

General Information

The combined 3461 & 3469 instruction sheet is an updated version of the 3451 & 3459 Lumber and Dump car instructions. Because the 3461 and 3469 freight cars were extremely popular and produced for several years, their instructions are common and easy to locate.

Although these are common instructions, some dates are harder-to-find compared to others. The instructions dated 2/50 and 9/50 appear to be the most common. On the other hand, the instructions dated 4/50 and 1/54 are two of the more difficult ones to locate.

Finally, there are two interesting notes regarding the printing of the 2/53 (and later) instructions. First, the Service Department address was updated to their new Irvington NJ address. Secondly, the diagram on the bottom of page 2 was finally updated to reflect their current transformer line. The interesting part of the old diagram is it listed a type 'R' transformer -- last manufactured before the 3461 or 3469 were even produced!

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Instruction Sheet Details & Variations

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Lumber Car
Title Sheet # Date Paper / Ink Color # of Pages Size
Instructions for Operating Lionel Electric Remote Control
Dump Car No. 3469 & Lumber Car No. 3461
3461-11 2 / 49 Blue / Blue 4 6.25" x 9.50"
11 / 49
2 / 50 White / Blue
4 / 50
9 / 50
10 / 51
2 / 52
2 / 53
1 / 54

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3469 Dump Car & 3461 Lumber Car
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Instructions for Operating Lionel Lumber Car No. 3461 and Dump Car no. 34693461-112 / 19535$ 3.00This is a complete and undamaged instruction sheet. There are no tears nor tape, but one-quater of the front cover is significantly faded.
Instructions for Operating Lionel Remote Dump Car 3461 & Lumber Car 34693461-119 / 19507$ 5.00Clean instruction sheet with only two 1/8" tears. No writing, tape nor stains.
Instructions for Operating Lionel Dump Car No. 3469 and Lumber Car No. 34613461-112 / 19497$ 9.00This is the early version printed on blue paper. The instructions are nice and clean, no tears, stains nor blemishes. Printing is nice and clean.
Instructions for Operating Lionel Dump Car No. 3469 and Lumber Car No. 34613461-114 / 19508$ 12.00Here's a near-perfect instruction sheet, paper is nice, clean and white, lettering is crisp and clear. Corners are perfect, nice and square.
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